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There is no formal membership for ‘The Atheist Society’, and the ‘Melbourne Atheist Meetup’ group (though to see the happenings at the Meetup group you must register on the Meetup site). 

Atheists in the pub       

Meet like-minded people for friendly discussion.

  • Can you have a soul mate if souls don’t exist?
  • Should we drink spirits or worship them?
  • Are religious morals really ethical?
  • Can superstition be superseded?
  • Why do people believe in belief?

Timeless subjects for timeless discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. Come and see whether people without a god can be good.

Currently our home pub is the Maori Chief Hotel
117 Moray St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

First Friday of the month. 6pm – 9pm or later.
Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we ???????
See meetup links for all events.

The Atheist Society

The Atheist Society hosts the monthly Lecture series. These are for Atheists, Agnostics and Free-Thinkers.  We have no agreed definition of Atheism, nor of Agnosticism, nor of  Religion. We have no common position on most issues. So we agree to disagree.

Atheists have a lack of belief in God, in gods, in the Divine, in the Spiritual, in the Supernatural, in the Occult, in Superstition, and in supernatural processes such as Re-incarnation and Astrology, as well as a lack of belief in paranormal phenomena such as Extra Sensory Perception and Unidentified Flying Objects.

Atheists should not be afraid to say that they “don’t know”, that they do not have an answer. To an Atheist, a lack of knowledge should not be a fearful vacuum which must be filled with fairy-tale mumbo-jumbo. Nevertheless, those with religious beliefs, etcetera, are very welcome to attend our meetings and to participate in the discussions  which follow the talks and lectures.


The Atheist Society has no formal membership. Consequently, we don’t have a membership fee. Although our lectures are free, we do however pass the ‘begging-bowls’ around in an attempt to cover the cost of our meeting room. If one can afford it, $2 is usually sufficient.

Atheists, Free thinkers, Sceptics, Rationalists, Humanists, Secularists etc all welcome!

For further information, or to discuss Atheism, contact me,
David Miller, Secretary. Telephone: 03 9467 2063
Email: atheist_agnostic@lycos.com
Mail: PO Box 1111, Bundoora, Victoria 3083, Australia.

Melbourne Atheist Meetup Group

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Melbourne Atheists Facebook Group

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The Melbourne Uni Secular Society Twitter

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