09 Feb Rick Barker (Progressive Atheists)
Charles Darwin Day lecture:
“Miocene African Apes: Our Anthropod Ancestors”
08 Mar Graeme Lindenmayer (agnosticperspectives.com)
“A Universe from Nothing”
12 Apr Christ Guest (Victorian Skeptics)
“Questioning the Historicity of Jesus”
10 May Robert Bender (Humanist Society of Victoria)
Billy Graham and television-age evangelism: Content-free theology
14 Jun Brent McAuslan
“A Critique of Richard Dawkins”
12 July Dr. Joe Sampson (Humanist Society of Victoria)
“Faitheists: Atheists who are nice to Theists”
09 Aug Lev Lafayette
Is Pantheism an Atheism?
13 Sep Andrew Rawlings (Progressive Atheists)
“The Triumph of Atheism! Let’s plan for it”
11 Oct Dr. John Perkins (Secular Party of Australia)
Recent findings on the origins of Islam: a key to countering radicalism?
08 Nov Nigel Sinnott (Former Editor, “The Freethinker”, UK)
“Moncure Daniel Conway and his visit to Australia in 1883″
13 Dec Lynne Kelly (Author: The Memory Code)
“Why the memory systems of not-so ‘primitive’ cultures explain Stonehenge”