Lectures resumed in July 2022 after the pandemic lockdowns were over.
12 Jul David Miller (Existentialist Society / Atheist Society) (via zoom)
"Are Atheists Terrified of Agnosticism?"
09 Aug Leslie Allan (RationalRealm.com) (via zoom)
"Is Morality a Matter of Taste?"
13 Sep John Perkins (Secular Party)
"Aboriginal Spirituality: An Atheist Perspective"
11 Oct Rohan McLeod (SoFiA, Compulsive Philosophers Group )
"Altruism and Egoism: The first intrinsically irreconcilable ethical foundations ?"
08 Nov Hanney Seylim (Critical Faculty)
"A brief history of the emergence and evolution of consciousness and morality"
Watch live on youtube
13 Dec Dr Joe Sampson (Humanist)
Bertrand Russell against Christianity, for Humanism”