09 Feb Rick Barker (Philosophy Forum)
Evolution’s Controversial History: Lamark, Darwin and Wallace
09 Mar Dr. Joseph Gelfer (Social Inquiry, Monash University)
A Critical Look at the 2012 Phenomenon.
13 Apr John L Perkins (Secular Party of Australia)
Economics and the Rise of Secularism
11 May Ray Lewis (“The Release Effect”)
I feel, therefore I am: Rationality and the Emotions.
08 June Graeme Lindenmayer (Rationalist Society of Australia)
“When does a life begin?
13 July Jason Ball (University of Melbourne Secular Society)
A Fresh Generation of Freethinkers
10 Aug Alex McCullie (CAE Tutor)
Naturalism as a Viable Worldview.
14 Sep Russell Blackford (Co-Editor, ’50 Voices of Disbelief’)
Living in a world without objective values
12 Oct Ian Robinson (Rationalist Society of Australia)
Do modern theologians’ concepts of god escape the atheist critique
(or does ‘post-ontological’ boil down to ‘non-existent’)?
09 Nov Robert Bender (Humanist Society of Victoria)
Orthodox Jews and involvement in science: can they be reconciled?
14 Dec Meredith Doig (Rationalist Society of Australia)
The Emotionality of Belief