14 Feb Rick Barker (Progressive Atheists)
“There is no reptilian aspect tor the human brain”
14 Mar Graeme Lindenmayer (www.agnosticperspectives.com )
Humans, Machines and Armageddon
11 Apr Robert Bender (Humanist)
G.K.Chesterton and his defence of Catholicism in ‘Orthodoxy’
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Atheism, Islam and Secularism
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Christmas in the Koran: How Islam was constructed from its Christian origins
11 Jul Dr Bill Hall (Evolutionary Biology of Species and Organisations)
“Positive Feedback and the Evolution of Culture”
08 Aug Dr Joe Sampson (Humanist)
“The theology of Bishop John Robinson’s 1963 book ‘Honest to God': Is it atheistic?”
12 Sep James Fodor (Rationalist Society of Australia)
“Old and new atheism: problems in the world of unbelief”
10 Oct Dr. Nick Trakakis (Australian Catholic University)
“Why I Reject Religion”
14 Nov Shoiab Hiader
“Religious Extremism and Atheism in Pakistan”
12 Dec Jonathon Rutherford (Co-author: Beloved Father, Beloved Son)
Bad Jesus: Was the gospel Jesus such a good guy?