08 Feb Steve Colebrook(Australian Skeptics)
“Skepticism and Dogmatism”
14 Mar David Miller(Atheist Society and Existentialist Society)
“The Zoroastrian Reformation of the Proto-Vedic Religion,
as the Origin of the Major Concepts of Judeo-Christianity”
11 Apr Peter Cuffe (Synaethesia Performance Art Ensemble) – Comedy Festival Lecture“Ectopian Potentialism: Neo-Pagan Technophobic Anachronism or Nascent
Euthenically Orientated Eco-centric Civilization? “
09 May Dr Rod Foster (Anthropology, University of Melbourne)
“Evolutionary Psychology: Neo-Darwinian Socio-Biology”
13 Jun Dr Mark Newbrook(Linguistics, Monash University)
“The Tower of Babel: Evolution and Language”
11 Jul Dick Gross(Author)“The Godless Gospel”
08 Aug Dr Vera Butler(Australian International Studies Association)
“The Politics of ‘New Age’ Cults”
12 Sep Colin Goodwin(Victorian College of the Arts)
“Creative Atheism: The Philosophy of Samuel Alexander”
10 Oct Graeme Lindenmayer (Agnostic. Author of Beyond Belief)
“Monism and Dualism: A Case for the Existence of Spirit”
14 Nov Will Ross(Australian Church of Free Thought)
“Growth Through Reason”
05 Dec Prof. Jack Smart(Philosophy, ANU/Monash University)
“Science and Religion”