11 Feb Rick Barker (Philosophy Forum)
Charles Darwin Day lecture:
“Neanderthals and Modern Humans: How closely are we related?”
10 Mar Elida Radig (Atheist Alliance International)
“Feminism and Atheism: The International View”
14 Apr Robert Bender (Humanist Society of Victoria)
“A Critique of Creationism”
12 May Roger Boyce (Psychologist)
“Was Saint Paul a Homosexual?”
09 Jun Lawrence Pope (Author, ‘Some Touch of Pity’)
“Toward a Freak Ethics”
14 Jul Joe Sampson (Humanist Society of Victoria)
“God: His Biography”
11 Aug Graeme Lindenmayer (agnosticperspectives.com)
“What if you are wrong?”
08 Sept David Miller (Existentialist Society)
Secular Religion: Non-Supernatural Spirituality
13 Oct Royston Wilding (Melbourne atheist)
“Feminism and Atheism: a Scientific Perspective”
10 Nov Heather McLaughlin (kiva.org)
Atheist Charity: The Kiva ‘A+’ Team
08 Dec Rev Dr Paul Tonson (Progressive Agnostic Christian)
“The Gods I Don’t Believe In: Theism, Atheism and A-Theism