24 Feb Robert Bender (Humanist Society of Victoria)
“Humanism and the Problem of Pain”
10 Mar Mark Lucas (Existentialist Society)
“The Necessity of Absurd Beliefs: A Vindication of Faith”
21 Apr Rosslyn Ives (Humanist Society of Victoria)
“A Feminist Perspective on Humanism”
12 May Dr Steve Roberts (Astronomy Society and Australian Skeptics)
“Ufology (and other such beliefs) as Religious Dogma)”
9 Jun James Gerrand (Australian Skeptics and Humanist Society of Victoria)
“Operant Conditioning: the Psychology of B.F. Skinner”
14 Jul Silvio Bonazinga (Atheist Society)
“The Myth of the Judeo-Christian Tradition”
11 Aug Sean Dooley (Physicist, Atheist Society)
“A Critique of Evolutionary Theory”
8 Sep Jacob Papadopoulos (Atheist Society)
“Epicurus: The Hellenic Anti-Christ and the Revolt Against the Spell of Plato”
13 Oct Rosalie Tremaine (Christian Fundamentalist )
“Evolution: Fact or Fiction”
10 Nov Vera Butler (Australian International Studies Association )
“Politics and Religion”
8 Dec Adam Joseph (Writer/Broadcaster/Producer)
“Self Censorship: The Media’s Poisoned Chalice”