12 Feb Dr. John Perkins (Secular Party of Australia)
The Charles Darwin Day lecture
Religions: Survival of the Truest?
12 Mar Robert Bender (Humanist)
Charles Darwin’s Finches: Evolution in Real Time
09 Apr Hayden Bradford (Author, ‘Travesty’)
“Travesty: A Satirical Look at Religion”
14 May Elena Karalnikr
“The Need for Rational Logical Thinking and Action”
11 Jun Lara Kaput, Stephen Unthank and Sarah Blaire (Ex-Jehova’s Witnesses)
“The Mental Health Impact of Ever-Changing Jehova’s witnesses Beliefs”
09 Jul Assoc. Prof. Kim Sawyer (Historical & Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne)
The Black Cat and L’Albatross: The Challenge of Irrationality
13 Aug Nik Gray (Co-Founder, ExMuslims Support Network of Australia)
“The ExMuslim Movement: Why Apostates from Islam are speaking up”
10 Sep Dr Bill Garner (Former President, Melbourne University Rationalist Society)
“The Melbourne University Rationalist Society in the 1960s”
08 Oct Harris Sultan (Ex-Muslim atheist, author and activist)
“Why Religions are Dying”
12 Nov Margaret Livingstone (Sunday Assembly)
“Atheism is a Question not the Answer”