11 Feb Rick Barker (Philosophy Forum) Darwin Day Lecture
The Pleistocene Epoch and the Emergence of the Genus Homo
11 Mar Sudhir Kumar (Melbourne Atheist)
“Origin of Religion and Atheism in Eastern Thought”
08 April Dr. Nigel Sinnott (former Editor, ‘The Freethinker’ UK)
English Boarding Schools and Muscular Christianity
13 May Jonathan Rutherford (Co-author, “Beloved Father: Beloved Son”)
Atheism and Moral Subjectivity”
10 June John Stewart (evolutionarymanifesto.com)
“Evolution and the Meaning of Life”
08 July Dr. Joe Sampson (Humanist Society of Victoria)
The Democratic Labor Party (DLP) and Bob Santamaria
12 Aug Dr. William Hall (Evolutionary Biology of Species and Organisations)
Evolutionary epistemology versus faith and justified true belief:
Does science work and can we know the truth?
09 Sep Rev Dr Paul Tonson (Uniting Church in Australia)
“Genesis for Atheists: Contemporary hermeneutical methods”
14 Oct Andrew Rawlings (Progressive Atheists)
“The Progress of Atheism”
11 Nov John Perkins (Melbourne Atheist)
“Moral Principlism: A General Solution to the problem of formulating non-religious ethics”
9 Dec Jonathan Rutherford (Co-Author, ‘Beloved Father: Beloved Son’)
“The Christ Myth: Did Jesus Exist?”