13 Feb Rosslyn Ives (Humanist Society of Victoria)
A Humanist View of Charles Darwin
13 Mar Graeme Lindenmayer ( Author of ‘Bonds of Belief’)
Agnosticism in the Eternal Triangle of Beliefs
10 Apr Adam Joseph (Former President, Victorian Skeptics)
Freethought Tribalism
08 May Brian McKinlay(Rationalist Society of Australia)
Evangelical Protestant Fundamentalism, USA Style
12 June Dr. Neil Thomason (History & Philosophy of Science, University of Melbourne)
Atheist Distortion of the History of Science
10 July Harry Gardner (Humanist Society of Victoria)
Humanist Ethical Education: An Alternative to Religious Instruction
14 Aug Russell Blackford (School of Philosophy and Bioethics, Monash University)
Religious Vilification and Freedom of Speech
11 Sep Rick Barker
Bertrand Russell’s Adventures on the Road to Damascus
09 Oct John Noack (Carl Jung Society)
Atheism and Spirituality
13 Nov Nigel Sinnott (Former Editor, The Freethinker, UK )
The (Hamilton-Byrne) Family, Frightened Freethinkers and a Review’s Rough Ride
11 Dec Peter Abrehart Unitarian Universalist
Science and Religion