10 Feb John L Perkins (Atheist, Economist, and Secular Party founding member)
Darwin and Islam: Evolution and the Failure of Islam
10 Mar Russell Blackford (Philosophy & Bioethics, Monash University
Voices of Disbelief
14 Apr Graeme Lindenmayer (Rationalist Society of Australia)
Does Reductionism Make Science Simplistic?
12 May Chris Gaffney (Victorian Labor College)
Marxism materialism and atheism
09 June Dr John Long (Melbourne Museum)
Creationism, dogma and pseudoscience: fighting the war against the growth of wilful ignorance
14 July Silvio Bonazinga (PhD Student)
The Atheist Veneration of Science
11 Aug Robert Bender (Humanist Society of Victoria)
Science and religion
08 Sep Alex McCullie (CAE Tutor on Atheist Philosophy)
Progressive Christianity’s Redefining of God and Jesus: A Secular Response
13 Oct Lev Lafayette
Atheist Support for Religious Freedom
10 Nov Nigel Sinnott (Former Editor, The Freethinker, UK, 1972-73 )
My March to Militant Atheism, and What I Fought on the Way
08 Dec Roger Boyce (Psychologist)
Have Atheists Been Gulled By Jesus?