23 Feb Dr Steve Basser (Australian Skeptics)
“We Can’t Give No Satisfaction: The Trouble with Skeptics”
11 Mar Lawrence Pope (Existentialist Society)
“Athesim from Carvaka to Sartre”
8 Apr Dr V.L. Krishamoorthy (Social Inquiry, Deakin University)
“Spiritualism and Atheism in Indian Philosophy”
13 May Roland Seidel (Australian Skeptics)
“How Can you Tell from Make Believe?”
10 Jun Stephen Mooney
“Debunking Physics: Inventing the Theory of Everything”
8 Jul Gary Thompson (Atheist Society)
“The Early History of Astrology: 2000 BC to 200 AD”
12 Aug Sean Dooley (Physicist, Atheist Society)
“Quantum Mechanics and the New Age”
9 Sep John Noack (Carl Jung Society)
“The Gospels as Jewish-Christian Midrashic Fiction”
14 Oct Frances Fenwick (Map enthusiast and heretic)
“Renaissance Maps and the Antarctic”
11 Nov Peter Plane (Victorian Secular Society)
“Women and Religion in the Evolution of Humanity”