08 Feb Dr Irena Semetsky (Philosophy and Ethics, Monash University)
“Belief and Unbelief: A Continuing Inquiry.”
08 Mar Chris Gaffney (Editor, Labor Review)
“Christianity: From revolutionaries to State Religion”
12 Apr Graeme Lindenmayer (Author, Bonds of Belief)
“Five Contesting Foundations of Morality”
10 May Nigel Sinnott (Former Editor, The Freethinker)
“Atheos, Prometheus and Proserpine: Irreligion in Swinbures’s Poetry”
14 Jun Dr. Robert Bender (Humanist Society of Victoria)
“The Koran: Theology and value System”
12 Jul Ken Young (Atheist Foundation of Australia)
“The Emotional Brain”
09 Aug John Perkins (Humanist Society of Victoria)
“Peace Prosperity and Propriety: ls Religion Really Good?”
13 Sep Ian Robinson. (Rationalist Society of Australia)
“Intelligent Design?”
11 Oct Adam Joseph (Broadcaster, Producer, Writer)
“The Scary Thing About Truth”
08 Nov Rick Barker
“The Triune-Metaphysic of the Christians: Visible or Invisible? The Tripartite Semalogos of the Early Church”
13 Dec Prof. J.J.C. (Jack) Smart (Philosophy, ANU and Monash University)
“Criticism Of Contemporary Purposive Arguments for the Existence of God”