27 Feb Chris Jones (Victorian Secular Society)
“An Ethic for a New Golden Age”
12 Mar Dr Steven Roberts (Astronomt Society and Australian Skeptics)
“Did God Big Bang or Didn’t He?”
16 Apr Joe Rubenstein (Australian Skeptics and Existential Society)
“Miracles Revisited”
14 May Dr Jeremy Salt (Political Science, Melbourne University)
“The Dissenting Tradition in Islam”
11 Jun Adam Joseph (The Liars Club, Radio 3RRR)
“The Dangers of Organised Skepticism”
9 Jul James Gerrand (Humanist Society of Victoria and Australian Skeptics)
“Higher Superstition: Anti-Science in the Academy”
13 Aug Sean Dooley (Physicist, Atheist Society)
“The Possibility of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence”
10 Sep Dr Rod Foster (Education, University of Melbourne)
“Darwinism and the Soul”
8 Oct Kathy Butler (Australian Skeptics)
“Are Genes Really Selfish”
12 Nov Robert Bender (Humanist Society of Victoria)
“James Redfield and the ‘Celestine Prophesy’ “