12 Feb Dr Vera Butler (Australian International Studies Association)
“The Agenda of Faith: the Politics of Religion”
12 Mar David Miller (Existentialist Society)
“The Manichaean Religion”
9 Apr Anne Seitz (Sociology Dept. Swinburne University)
“Fundamentalism: An Answer to a Confusing World”
14 May Graeme Lindenmayer (Author, The Bonds of Belief)
“Free Will, Determinism and Morality”
11 Jun Rev. Dr Phillip Hughes (Christia Research Association)
“Investigating the ‘No religion’ Census Category”
9 Jul Nigel Sinnott (Former Editor, The Freethinker)
“Profanum Vulgus: Memories of Harry Hastings Pearce”
13 Aug Patrice Saint (Former Science Teacher)
“Egyptian Influence on The Bible”
10 Sep Brent McAuslan
“Schopehauer’s Pessimism: Was Buddhism to Blame?”
8 Oct Rosalie Tremaine (Christian Fundamentalist)
“Sport as Religion in Australia”
12 Nov Peter Cuffe
“Carravaggio and his Art: Keirkegaardian or Atheistic?”
10 Dec Dr Rod Foster (Philosophy, University of Melbourne)
“Theology as Grammar: Wittgenstein, Rappaport and Ritual”