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Rationalism, humanism, atheism and economics -  these are my interests. Humanism is ethical atheism. Secularism is political Humanism. Secular solutions are needed now!

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Some tips for the uninitiated

Market forces
Yes, it its true. If there is over-supply, prices fall. If there is a shortage, prices rise. This does not mean that markets are always right, or best, and that governments have no role.
Economic growth
In per capita terms economic growth is mainly due to technical progress. Long may it continue.
Budget deficits
Deficits are sometimes necessary. If used to provide infrastructure investment, good. If used to prevent recession, good. However we need to constrain them in the long term.
Price on carbon
Our kids are worth it. Needed to save the planet. Climate deniers should be held accountable for the future damage their ideological intransigence will cause.
Market fundamentalism
This is a better term to use to describe laissez faire advocates, who tend towards right wing zealotry. Terms such as 'economic rationalist' and 'neo-liberal' give undeserved condemnation to rationalism and liberalism.
The 'fair go' has gone and the self-interest of right wing oligarchs has become the dominant paradigm. This leaves most people worse off. Economists have forgotten about the law of the declining marginal utility of income. More equal societies are better, happier.

Atheism is the acceptance that there is no credible scientific or factually reliable evidence for the existence of a god, gods or the supernatural. Atheist Foundation of Australia.

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