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Rationalism, humanism, atheism and economics -  these are my interests. Humanism is ethical atheism. Secularism is political Humanism. Secular solutions are needed now!

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Islam is false - our atheist protest
State Library of Victoria, Sunday 22 September 2012

Like all religions, Islam is false
I was asked, why doesn't the sign say "All religions are false"? I hesitated over the answer, and that's all they showed of an interview. OK, I had a brain fade. So here is the answer. It is because like all religions, Islam is false, and on this occasion we wanted to give a positive message to Muslims: they do not have to believe in Islam. If people could appreciate that their beliefs are false, then they would be unlikely to kill people for not believing in them.

Why is Islam false? Because for a religion to be true, it is necessary not only that the religion's god exist, but that the record of divine interventions that the religion describes need to actually have happened. They did not, and we know they did not. It is not just that evolution is true and divine creation is false. Archaeological evidence shows that the early bible stories, the passover killing of Egypt's firstborn, the exodus, the conquest of Canaan and so on, never happened.

Even though Islam began with the Prophet Muhammad, Muslims claim the Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) as their first prophet. Never mind the attempted rewriting of history. Is it history? No. The Prophet Abraham father of the three Abrahamic is mythical, not historical (see archaeologist Finkelstein in The Bible Unearthed). The founding events of these religions did not happen. They are not true. This would still be the case even if gods did exist.

Atheism = peace
Most conflicts in the world today are based on religion. People think that their god gave them land, so they can take it from others. Others think that their god wants them to punish all those who don't think that their god is the right god. They think that their god will reward them for killing infidels. Religions, communism, fascism, imperialism, and nationalism cause wars. Atheism does not. Atheism is peaceful.

Don't just believe. Think!
Ethical principles, such as compassion, honesty, justice and freedom, do not require any religion. People believe in religions because of cultivated emotional needs and because of loyalty to their culture, not because of any evaluation of truth criteria. Religious beliefs are bad and cause harm. The world would be far better if people could think before they believe, not believe before they think.


Atheism is the acceptance that there is no credible scientific or factually reliable evidence for the existence of a god, gods or the supernatural. Atheist Foundation of Australia.

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