The solution to Islam: reclaim secularism

Talk presented to the Reclaim Australia Rally, Newcastle, 4 April 2015

I am an infidel. I donít belive in Islam. I donít believe in any religion. I donít believe anything unless I see a good reason for it. But I do believe this: Islam is a problem. So being one of those wicked unbelievers, I am delighted to be here.

We may have our differences about politics and religion, but about Islam, we are all on the same side. We know that Islam is a significant problem we need to deal with. Many people just donít get it. They want to treat all people equally. They want to treat all religions equally.

But Islamists donít. They dontít want democracy, they don't want equality for men and women. They want Islam to dominate the world. This is not what I say. It is what they say.

Of course some people say Islam is a religion of peace. They have to say that. But it is nonsense. The truth can be hard to admit. One of my atheist friends put it this way. If Islam was a religion of peace, then Islamic extremists would be extremely peaceful. Of course itís not.

Islam is actually a religion of war, not peace. Islam is the only religion in the world that was created by war. According to Islam, the Prophet Muhammad used to talk to an angel in a cave. The angel told him he had to fight for Allah.

Those who died would go to paradise. Whatever spoils of war they could capture, including women, they could keep. So they did fight. They captured Mecca, then all of Arabia, forcing everyone to convert to Islam. They could use girls as sex slaves. Sound familiar? This is exactly what the Islamic State is doing today.

Lets recognise it. "Houston, we have a problem". Islam.

I donít see this as a right wing or left wing issue. If we just look at the facts, Islam is a danger, a threat, and it causes immense suffering. Look at Boko Haram, Look at the Taliban. Look at the Islamic State.

I am not right wing. I am not a racist. I am humanitarian.. That is why I am opposed to Islam.

Look at the violence and chaos in northern Nigeria, in Somalia, Lybia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and now Yemen. They are all now Ďfailed statesí. There is mass destruction of housing and millions of refugees.

Question: what is the biggest cause of human suffering in the world today? There are earthquakes, hurricanes, famines and other natural disasters. They cause great hardship. But they donít happen every day. Islam is the biggest cause of human suffering in the world today.

It is not just for a day, for a week or a month. Islam causes suffering constantly, every day. And who are the biggest victims of Islam? The Muslims themselves. And of them, it is the women and girls who suffer the most. Where is the concern about this from the humanitarians and the feminists?

What they canít admit, is that this is all caused by an act of God. Not a real god, of course, but the god that exists only in peopleís minds. Do we want this kind of Islamic trouble in Australia? Hell no. So what do we do?

Do you know the word "Secular"? It means "separation of church and state". It means freedom of religion and freedom from religion. It means that people can have their religion, but they should not try to force it on people. That is secularism.

The founders of Australia had the great foresight to put the concept of secularism into our constitution. It says that people have freedom of religion, and the "government shall not make any law for establishing any religion". But they do.

To reclaim Australia, I think we need to reclaim a secular Australia. Because that is what we have lost.

What the constitution was supposed to mean is that governments should not give taxpayers money to religions. But now, they get billions. That is where secularism has been lost.

There are billions in tax concessions to religious businesses. But the biggest chunk is the billions of taxpayer money that goes to religious schools.

Up till now, people have not worried that much about it. But what about Islamic schools? What are they teaching their kids?

What they are getting is indoctrination in Islam. All the girls wear hijabs. They are not taught to think, they are taught to believe. And what they get is a strict Wahabbi version of Islam.

Most of these Islamic schools have been set up on money from Saudi Arabia. This has happened all over the world. This feeding the minds of children is the main reason for the global upsurge in Islamism. Indoctrination is the basic cause of all the mayhem.

And it is happening here. In Victoria, for example, the number of Islamic schools has doubled in the last ten years. So has the number of Islamic students. What we are doing now, in Islamic schools, in Australia, is creating a future crop of home grown terrorists. And the government is giving taxpayerís money to them to do it.

It is just madness. We must reclaim secularism in Australia. We should not give any money to Islamic schools. They should not brainwash kids with beliefs that are anti-democratic, anti-freedom, anti-equality, anti-secular and anti-Australian.

To reclaim Australia's future, we must teach kids to think, not just believe. We should not give taxpayers money to brainwash kids in any religion. They should have freedom of thought to make up their own minds. That is secularism. Lets reclaim a secular Australia.

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