List of slides


The Arab Prophet: Fact or Fiction?

Late antiquity

Events of 600-630

The Islamic view of events

Expansion of Islam to 750 CE

The Traditional Narrative

Reason for doubt

List of Caliphs

John Wansborough

Patricia Crone & Michael Cook

Patricia Crone 1987

Fred Donner

Tom Holland

Tom Holland, BBC4, 2012

Vale Patricia Crone 1945-2015

Karl-Heinz Ohlig et al., 2010, 2013

INARAH Institute

Muawiya’s inscription

Bathhouse inscription translation

Muawiya timeline

The word ‘muhammad’ on coins

Christian Arab coin

Abd al-Malik Timeline

The Dome of the Rock

Abd al-Malik gold coin

Homs copper coin

The evidence from coins

The East-West progression of coins

Official revisions?

The truth matters

Final word on the legend of the Prophet